Drunk Shopping

Drunk Panda started after a heavy night of Whiskey and Tequilla... The following morning, upon checking my email, I had several credit card notifications from some purchases I made the previous night. Most concerning were the multiple website purchases from GoDaddy. The first being drunkpeoplebuythings.com, the second being drunkathomeshoppingnetwork.com, the third being drunkyeti.com, the fourth being drunkmule.com, and the last being drunkpanda.net. Since Drunk Panda is easier to say and remember (and type when drunk) that's what you see today!  Also for those of you who keep on asking, Yes, we are currently in production on the DrunkatHomeShoppingNetwork and hopefully that will be coming to a YouTube station near you soon! So sit back, relax, have a drink, and let's go shopping!
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