The Birth of Drunk Panda

Founded on the Firey steps of Mount Doom... Ok, so maybe it's not so theatrical as that. Let's cut to the chase.

1. We got drunk on whiskey and tequila.

2. We kept drinking well past time we should have stopped.

3. We apparently used Dragon's credit card to buy a bunch of websites.

4. Dragon woke up and to his dismay noticed all of the website domain purchases.

5. We said hey, maybe we are more creative and smarter business men when drunk so let's do it again and form a company with one of those website names we bought.

6. Drinking commenced again.

7. Upon inebriation the business plan was designed.

8. Dragon said, hold my beer, I got this and threw together an eCommerce store basically overnight.

9. Had to convince our lawyer that it's pretty much all legal.

10. Told our friends about the store, they said sounds amazing and started buying items and sharing with their drinking friends.

11. The rest is history, the store keeps growing, people keep drinking and buying, and we get to have fun marketing crazy products from around the world!

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